Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yin-Yang Labyrinth

Day 11, September 14, 2009

   OK, I'm posting several walks today.  I am such a Baby Blogger, I thought the "hard" part of this would be taking the labyrinth walk every day... but no, it's the getting organized enough to get my thoughts and photos all out there that seems to be the trick.  Who knew?

    When I stepped onto the Labyrinth at 12:25pm yesterday, it was 68 degrees, and beautiful.  The first thing I noticed was that the sun was shining neatly on about half of the labyrinth.  It looked like a giant yin-yang symbol.  Cool!

        The combination of the cool night before and the sunshine meant that the sunny parts of the labyrinth felt warm, and the shady parts were immediately cool.  So not only did I have the experience of the walking, the turns, and u-turns, the alternating visuals of bright and dark, but also I had the physical sensations of heat and cool, heat and cool.  It was a fascinating new angle on the journey.
       It delights me that this path is never predictable.  No matter how many times I walk, it surprises me.  For instance, just when it feels as though you've "worked your way" into the center, you take one turn and you're travelling out around the edge again!  Or I think, "This is the last stretch before the end..." and then there's a u-turn and around I go in the opposite direction.  The labyrinth is teaching me that the journey to the center involves doubling back, or finding myself alongside the path I thought I was on but can't quite get to.  How many of us think that every day?  "Hmmm- this isn't where I thought I was heading, and it isn't where I thought I'd end up...." and yet, well, there we are.  And it's right.  But we never would have seen it coming.

            For some reason, several rocks were calling for my attention.  I couldn't settle on one Rock of the Day, so here are:
         Rocks of the Day:  What is going on with this?  It looks like the way mud-wasps make nests.  Only flat.


This one has cool shiny bits!

     And I call this one the Wall Street Rock, cause it looks like it has pinstripes on--


   Footgear of the Day:  Hushpuppies and thick SmartWool socks.  Nice to chase the chill away!

     And if you're here for the Foliage Report, look!  I saw Fall peeking over Summer's shoulders, waiting to pounce.....
   Circuits of the Labyrinth:  1    Total:  13


  1. Cricket, just wondering if you're OK, given that the blog posts stopped. I've been worried about you as a fellow walker.

  2. Hello, I just found this blog. We are hosting the TLS 2010 Gathering here in New Harmony in November: will you be joining us? I have written a bit about my husband Ben Nicholson's work with labyrinths on my own blog, laurafosternicholson.blogspot.com. Hope to meet you!