Saturday, September 5, 2009

Swing, Swang, Swung

Day 5, September 5th, 2009

     It was a fun day, beginning with tennis with my brother, an unusual event that hasn't happened in 30+ years. Then lots of other visiting and yakking with people most of the day. Then the inevitable Writing of the Sermon, and finally, the Labyrinth Walk.

    It was 6:45 pm when I stepped on the Labyrinth.  It was 69 degrees, and suddenly felt like it was getting dark early... a fact I hadn't noticed till this week.
    Tonight I just enjoyed the movement.  Swinging to the left, to the left again, then right and right.  Last month I learned to spin on a "drop" spindle.  Fluffy handfuls of wool, given just the right twist, become yarn.  But twisted and twisted and twisted, it becomes tight and knots up on itself.  Not twisted enough, it remains fluff, and your spindle drops to the floor as the would-be yarn breaks.
    But sometimes, when you get the "flow" working for you, the spinning just seems to happen, and you suddenly notice that your "drop" spindle is no longer hitting the floor.  Tonight was a "flow" night.
    Tonight I felt like I was un-twisting those tightly knotted areas.  My legs felt loose in their joints, swinging forward effortlessly.  As I swung to the left or to the right, I could feel those tight places open up.  I was walking a little faster than usual, so the turns came rhythmically one after the next.
    Every turn, I imagined the untwisting, the spinning.  Not too tight, not too loose.  Turn to the right, to the left, then swing wide and around half the labyrinth at once.  Two circuits later, I felt as refreshed as if I'd had a two hour nap.

     Walking back to my car, I looked up and saw this:

Leaves turning.  Sigh.  Denial is getting harder by the day.....

    Rock of the Day:  This "skunk" rock (cause of the stripe-)

Today's Footgear:  Hushpuppies, no socks.  Hey- it's Saturday.

  Driving home, the sun setting on the lake, I felt blessed to have had this time on the Labyrinth to bring my day to such a sweet close.

  Circuits of the Labyrinth: 2        Total:  7

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