Friday, September 4, 2009

Mad Dogs and Englishmen....

Day 4, September 4, 2009

... go out in the noon day sun.  Or the bright afternoon, I'm thinking.

It was 3:26 when I stepped on to the Labyrinth today.  Bright sun, not much shade, 78 degrees.  It was a whole different sort of walk.  I could feel the warmth of the day rising from the mulch, but the air still was cool enough that the sun felt good.

    I tried a breathing meditation, breathing in while I took two steps, and breathing out while I took four steps.  This worked for about half of the trip in, before I went off in my brain on some tangent I can't even remember now.  But being "mindful" of one's breath is always dependably calming.  I read somewhere once that one of the reasons why smoking is both addictive and relaxing is because smokers take deep breaths over and over again- just like in meditation!  I think it was a report on the use of deep breathing to help people quit smoking.  Who knew? 

     The rocks looked entirely different in bright sunlight.  I didn't see some of my favorites at all, but others I've never noticed really jumped out.  The walk felt really long, and the sounds of the afternoon seemed loud: someone mowing his lawn, the kids at recess at the day care on the corner, folks coming and going at the town offices.  Town was just humming.
     New London is just adorable.  No traffic lights, a few blinking yellow lights at our "hot spot" intersections, and where else can you drive to the fork in the road and see
  It's a fork.  In the road. 
      So I just let the quiet ruckus of the afternoon, and the warmth of the hot sun, and my random peaceful thoughts wander the paths with me today.  Delightful. 
 When people marvel why I would want to live here in the boonies, I smile to myself and think:
                             2 hours to Boston, 3 to Montreal, and we have a fork.  In the road. 
Rock of the Day: This funky one with a corner shaved off, and the inside of that corner was like aluminum foil--  sooo shiny!
Today's Footgear:  Sorry.  Ratty sandals.  Not recommended for Labyrinth walking.  Too much mulch slipping underfoot.  ick.
Circuits of the Labyrinth:  1     Total:  6

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