Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Beginning!

Greetings from rural New Hampshire, where on this beautiful September 1st, it is chilly and sunny.  Like most folks I know, I spend too much time sitting, and not enough moving, too much time thinking and do-ing, and not enough meditating and be-ing, too much time talking, and not enough time listening.

This morning, I have chosen to begin my day, and every day this season, by walking the labyrinth we have built in the side yard of the church.  I hope that in adding this meditative piece to my days, I might just feel some divine (dare I hope?!) inspiration!

So, without further ado.....

Day 1, September 1st, 2009

  It was a beautiful morning.  57 degrees at 9 AM when I began my walk.  I walked over the grass and marvelled at the apple trees.  When did THIS happen?

Seems like yesterday it was the 4th of July.

The labyrinth lies in the side yard of the church, beyond the apple trees.  The sunlight was just beginning to touch it when I arrived.

  It was such a still, quiet morning.  As I took my first steps onto the labyrinth, the bells rang at First Baptist Church, calling me to pray for them.  Quickly, the rhythm of the walk and turns took over.  I read somewhere that one aspect of the labyrinth design which is thought to calm and soothe the soul is that one turns an equal number of times to the left and to the right.  This supposedly balances the "humours" of the brain.  Hmmm.  I believe it.   Walking this path is so soothing.

  I felt protected by the paths this morning, as if all I had to do was put one foot in front of the other, and all would be well, all would be well....

    When we built this labyrinth, many folks from around town came and helped.  Some brought their own rocks that day.  Others often add special or interesting rocks to the paths, or the cairn in front.  I've brought back rocks from Ireland, Scotland, Crete and Santorini to add in.  It amuses me to think that archeologists in some distant future will find these bits of the planet all together in one area and know that this was some sort of holy place.  Long after our churches are dust, these stones will speak of the eternal.

    It was a good beginning.

   Rock of the Day:  This one looked just like a ripe Stilton, left out all night:

Today's Footgear:  L.L. Bean clogs, and handknit wool socks

Circuits of the Labyrinth: 2                 Total:  2


  1. That is so lovely. Makes me want to be walking with you. This seems the next best thing.

    Now I have to go have some cheese...something about that rock...

  2. Beautiful blog, I will be walking with you as well. Jennifer R. Bernard

  3. Thanks Anne Marie and Jennifer. I look at the labyrinth every day, and why I don't walk it more is beyond me. I can't wait to go again today....! You'll be with me as I walk~~~~

  4. I think the idea of the daily rock and the daily footwear is just perfect!

  5. Thanks for the reminder Cricket. I'll try to ignore the inconveniences of rural life and focus on the beauty.

  6. Release. Receive. Return. All is well. All manner of things ...