Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day of Interconnectedness

Day 8, September 9, 2009 (09/09/09)

  I had heard that today was called the Day of Interconnectedness, having I guess something to do with the symmetry of the numerical date.  I'm not sure I saw a lot of that happening today, though I had lunch with two good friends I met in 1983, a month or so after I got out of college, and it does my heart good to have people who knew me as a ratty 20-something to keep me honest (and laughing!).

   It was 8:56 when I stepped onto the Labyrinth this morning, and it was about 58 degrees, and oddly foggy/overcast.

         See how flat the light is?  Almost no shadows whatsoever.  Couldn't resist taking this picture either:
      As I walk the labyrinth, I can hear apples dropping all around me.  None seem to be close enough to fall into the labyrinth itself, but the soft thudding noise reminds me that the harvest is here....
       I really just relaxed and was able to tune in to my breathing this morning, and gently push thoughts away.  Whew- nice!  Either I'm getting "better" at this, or I simply had nothing to think about this morning!  It's true that the more one practices any spiritual discipline, like a physical one, one becomes more proficient.  So I walked, and breathed, and walked.
     Other than the apples, it was quiet.  I was content.
     Rock of the Day:   Huh.  This one is yellowish.  How strange!

  Footgear of the Day:  I'm thinking I ought to go shoe shopping .... Well, at least the Rock is always different!

         Circuits of the Labyrinth:  1    Total:  10

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  1. I am enjoying traveling along with you on your labyrinth journey! Thanks for sharing...and enjoy the freshly dropped apples...or make applesauce!!