Sunday, September 6, 2009

Guest Labyrinth!

Day 6, September 6, 2009

  Out to dinner tonight, I realized I was not far from a friend's church, St. Barnabas, in Norwich, Vermont, and they have a lovely outdoor labyrinth.  Seemed like a bonus to celebrate my first week of walks by introducing a "guest labyrinth."

  It was 6:58 pm and about 57 degrees when I stepped onto the Labyrinth.  St Barnabas has a wonderful Welcome box with information, books, literature and a Guest Log.  Really nice!

    The differences between my "home" Labyrinth and this one are stunning.  This labyrinth is all grass and plants.  It felt like a tropical rainforest compared to the relative dryness of my rocks and earth.  The evening air carried scents of mown grass and woodsmoke.

    Large rocks sit at the compass points, and the "spokes" are plantings.  The walking was so soft, and the paths seemed narrow to start, but quickly became just right.

     What is it about dusk that heightens spiritual experience?  I suppose sunrise does the same, but my aversion to early morning means I have considerably less experience in that arena!  Walking these grassy paths, breathing the chilly, smoky air, watching the slanting sun on the flowers in the plantings.... it was sheer magic.

    The center was surprisingly large- roomy even- and surrounded by lavender.  My favorite. 

     I think the Garden of Eden smelled like this.  Sweet herbs, wet grass, and a wood fire burning at suppertime in the fading light.  For me, these scents call forth from some deep place feelings of ... Home.  Safety.  Food.  Warmth.  Light.
    There wasn't much competition for Rock of the Day:
 This one looked a lot like the moon which rose on my way home.

    Footgear of the Day:  Hushpuppies, no socks, and- is it just me, or do my feet look further away?  Perhaps this is proof that I did have an out of body experience.......

Thank you good people of St. Barnabas, Norwich, for this night!

  Circuits of the Labyrinth:  1    Total:   8



  1. I'm going to go there! Thanks, Cricket.

  2. It really is sweet, Bridget. The church is on your right, just as you drive into Norwich. The Labyrinth is to the right of the building. Enjoy!

  3. Hey, that's Beth's church! Did you see her? Nice views of their labyrinth.

  4. Hi Margaret! Nope- church looked quiet at dinner time, though they had a sign up for a great concert which it seems we missed by about 3 hours- rats!