Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Raindrops are Fallin' on my Head.....

Day 10, September 12, 2009
        Well, I'd been waiting for the first rainy Labyrinth Day, and this was it!  Everything looked totally different- the wet mulch paths, the rocks glistening in a new array of colors.  And the rain was a pleasant one, really little more than a fat mist.  I stepped onto the Labyrinth at 5:47 pm, and it was about 64 degrees.

       As I walked, I kept thinking about how odd it is when our expectations are not our reality.  For example, my usual rocks looked completely different when wet.  Their colors were different, and their relationships with the rocks around them were different.  It was like walking a new labyrinth----


     Some of them looked more "at home" in the rain, and others looked, well, just wet and sort of dejected...

      And in the corners, wet leaves had blown and were piling up.

      It was the first "fall" feeling rain.  Kind of crept under the skin.  Brrrrrrr!

     Rock of the Day:  this white chunk in the very center just glowed in the rain!


     Footgear of the Day:  Clogs, and thick cotton socks with, um, lobsters on them. 
                                                  (you know you want some!)

   Circuits of the Labyrinth:  1      Total:   12


  1. Yummy socks! What is that near the white rock -- a button?

  2. Hi Dunyazade! It's sort of a wooden disk with a Buddhist chant on it- I think my neighbor left it there as a prayer token, but when I went looking for it yesterday it was gone. Stuff does kind of appear and disappear, especially in the center.