Saturday, September 12, 2009

United, We Walk

Day 9, September 11th, 2009

  I woke up yesterday morning, and saw that my roses, which were a mess all summer, had bloomed.  So I started my September 11th meditating on this Peace rose:

The one next to it is McCartney, so I mused on it too:

  Mmmmmm.  Peace.

    Then, I realized on my way to work that everyone else has clearly gotten the memo about Fall.  Best example is the golf course I drive through on my way to work, which all summer has had pairs or foursomes or families of golfers all over it.  Yesterday morning- no golfers.  Only geese.

   Who tells them?  I keep seeing bunches of leaves and thinking it's an anomaly....
   See?  It's not the whole tree- just one branch.  Right?  RIGHT?????
       The labyrinth greeted me at 8 this morning, and the sun was already slipping behind clouds----
 58 degrees, hazy.
   I was fascinated with the u-turns.  Sometimes they are halfway around the circle, and sometimes there are only a few steps and then another.
   I'm surprised that, even when I'm walking regularly, I never quite see the u-turns coming.  And often, the turn goes in the "wrong" direction to where I think I'm heading.  Well, if THAT isn't like life....!
            I spent the walk lifting up the day, all the effects of Sept. 11, throughout the country and the world.  It's so overwhelming.  Walking, breathing, thinking about that day- that was the best I could do.
      Then I saw the Rock of the Day:  It had these leaning, Twin Towers-like stripes:
         Hmmm.  Footgear of the Day:  Hushpuppies and hand knit socks.  Wearing homemade socks is a little like carrying your blanket all day, except no one knows.  (Unless you suck your thumb...!)

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  1. I really enjoy your blog...iinsightful comments & interesting pictures. I have forwarded info about your blog to many other people who are now enjoying it. I look forward to each installment. Thanks!