Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life Breaks Out!

Day 7, September 8, 2009

    This morning's walk was amazing..... but wait!  Perhaps you noticed I didn't post yesterday?  I kept assuming I would do my walk, and the day got away from me.

   Isn't it amazing how those "angels" or "demons" on our shoulders work on us?  Suddenly these voices were saying that I had to do this every day or "fail"!  Huh.  Where does that kind of thinking come from?  I started this discipline to relieve stress, not ADD to it!  I would like therefore to model the sort of acceptance for myself that I extend- I hope!- to others, and simply say, "Golly.  I was gonna walk yesterday, but I didn't.  That's OK."


      It was 8:45 AM and just 58 degrees when I stepped on the Labyrinth this morning.  I had come from an early meeting, and was holding in my heart some broken people.  I was hoping to send them the love vibe while I walked.


     Leaves turning, air chilling, light lessening- all the signs of the end of the season, the end of the reckless abundance of summer- the signs were all around me.  Yet, as I took my first steps, Life broke out everywhere.  Two bright bluejays flew up from the center as I entered.  A squirrel somewhere in one of the corners ran off a few paces and then chattered at me.  A massive crow changed branches in the tree overhead, startling me witless.

And the labyrinth itself this morning teemed with life that was NOT THERE two days ago.  Large cobwebs joined rocks together, forming tiny shelters in crevices.

   Funky spittle bugs had slimed messages on leaves in at least two places.

    One rock has sprouted a lichen, or something very lichen-like....

      Isn't this just how we are?  Things begin to change- seasons, patterns, life- and we rally.  We cling.  We build.  As our climate here becomes quickly inhospitable, these tiny creatures are hunkering in, making their presence known, claiming turf- quite literally!

     Life will not be denied!  Yes, we move along, and things happen, and we are tossed or broken or hurt.  But if we just keep moving, keep open, keep loving, Life will bless us again.  The path of the labyrinth felt like that journey today- joyful, triumphant.  Keep moving, keep caring, keep praying, keep breathing, and keep your eyes open for the signs of life all around.

     I finished the walk today with a great smile on my face.

     Rock of the Day:  following the theme- this one, broken right through the center.  What happened?  Cold?  Heat? Pressure? Age?  It doesn't matter, really, cause it is hanging in there.

       Today's Footgear:  clogs and handknit socks.  Mmmm.  Made the whole day happy!

   Circuits of the Labyrinth:  1           Total:   9

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